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About Us

Crafting Narratives, Creating Memories

At Kick It Up Décor, our vision is to transform every occasion into a unique narrative of joy and connection. We aspire to be the leading choice for personalized event design, where each decoration tells a story. We envision creating spaces that not only captivate the eye but also touch the heart, fostering unforgettable memories for families and communities alike. Through our work, we aim to illuminate the beauty of shared moments, one event at a time.


Our Story

Kick It Up Décor, LLC, based in Jacksonville, Florida, is making waves in the event decoration industry. The company is gaining momentum in transforming any event, large or small, into an unforgettable experience.

The company's work has been recognized in various contexts, such as tips on how to elevate picnic table décor, indicating their expertise in creating intimate, themed settings. Their ability to 'kick up' the ordinary into something extraordinary resonates with their clientele, as evidenced by their increasing popularity.

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Meet Hope Jackson - Owner

About Owner

Hope Jackson, the proud owner of Kick it Up Décor, LLC, has been infusing spaces with creativity and charm for over a decade. Born in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, Florida, Hope has always had an innate ability to transform ordinary settings into extraordinary experiences. Her journey began as a hobby, decorating for family gatherings, friends' birthday parties, joyous weddings, and heartwarming baby showers. Over time, this passion blossomed into a profession.

In March 2022, Hope took a leap of faith and launched Kick It Up Decor, a testament to her love for creating unforgettable moments and bringing people together. Her mission extends beyond just decoration; she strives to make a difference in the community and focus on the seniors and elderly. Hope firmly believes that our seniors are the foundation of society and desires to fulfill a seniors’ long-life dream or last wishes, making every moment count. In turn, making the community feel appreciated and cherished.

The life-altering event of the COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for Hope. She realized it was time to put her desires into action, understanding that life can be unpredictable. This realization led to an important milestone in her life. In February 2022, she hosted a Galantines’ Day event, a celebration of women and their enduring bond of friendship and sisterhood. Hope Galentine's Day event had a profound impact. The décor, entertainment and lavish food buffet sparked the opening.

Thus In March 2022,  Kick It Up Décor was born. Through her venture she was able to create the perfect team.  Together with her team she intends to create more magical moments transforming spaces and touching hearts one event at a time.

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